Gaza civilians targetted under Israeli offensive…

Bryan Douebleu
Clinical Cynic
July 24, 2013

United Nations officials report that Israel has struck a UN school that was providing shelter to Gaza citizens caught in the Israeli offensive:

Days earlier a cellphone video was released depicting Gaza civilians coming under [reported] Israeli sniper fire:

Many detractors and pro-Israeli individuals dismiss this video outright. I initially held off on posting it as there are unknowns as to who was actually doing the shooting. But with the latest numbers of casualties at roughly 762 Palestinians and 32 Israelis it’s quite clear that Israel is waging an offensive akin to a heavy weight boxing champion squaring off against a bantamweight… and it is the civilians that are clearly paying the price.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; all foreign lobbies (especially pro-Israeli lobbies) must be forbidden to operate within the United States. Sixty-six years later I think it’s time Israel finally stands on their own and bears the benefits or consequences of its actions on its own.

If anything, let Britain deal with the mess they historically helped create.

A mother attempts to save her son after he is wounded:

There is idiots on both sides here though… the individuals that are firing rockets have done essentially nothing beneficial for their people. Again, their actions is like a moron throwing stones at a lion and then accusing the lion of being aggressive. Yet the difference here is the lion isn’t simply going after the one that tossed stones at it…


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