Something Smells Bad In Orlando

Was Mateen uncomfortable with his sexuality and unable to live as a gay Muslim man?

Bryan Douebleu
Clinical Cynic
June 15, 2016

How does a man that is known to the FBI, and other agencies, as a potential radical, get on a terror list, and then go on to purchase weapons?

He was removed from that list and FBI and DHS investigations were restricted due to Hilary Clinton’s State Department and DHS heads… for fear of offending Muslims. According to retired DHS agent Philip Haney, of the two attempts the FBI tried to develop a case against Orlando shooter Mateen, their failure for each attempt was a direct result of their inability to connect dots – dots that were likely closed as the results of Clinton and DHS policy that lead to the deletion of sixty-seven records in 2012 – it was in 2013 that Mateen appeared on the FBI’s radar.

The failure at the FBI resulted in Mateen being removed from the list of potential threats and paved the way to his legal purchase of firearms. This is not a failure of our gun laws, it is a failure of Clinton’s State Department and Homeland Security policy and its result on law enforcement.

Take a look at what Clinton’s social media people are tweeting:

It looks like her staffers are just as ignorant at 20,404 twits.

True to the Obama administration’s motto, let no opportunity go to waste, no time was wasted in bringing advocacy of stricter gun laws to forefront. Clinton, Obama, and Sanders all chimed in right on que – and as you might have guessed, none of them called this as it was at face value. Instead they railed against our current system while ignoring massive failures that set the table for last Saturday night.

So, even if the story is as it is reported by the mainstream media, I take issue. And then, there are some other things that have come to light which do not sit well with me…

Many club goers have told media outlets that they believed multiple individuals were involved in the attack. Here are some videos:

And now we come to Mr. Luis Burbano, actor extraordinaire.

Luis Burbano has provided two different media outlets, ABC and FOX News, two very different stories. He tells one that he slipped out through a hole in a fence – obviously in a patio area. In the other he stated he exited through a back door into an alley. In one he states he dragged a man, with a grave wound which had split his forearm in two, up a hill – no hills exist (you can check this yourself using Google street view – and it’s Florida). In one he holds an exit door shut with another man and in another he exits through a sliding glass door. In one he mentions the serious wound he ‘observed’, a forearm split into two, yet, despite the gravity of seeing such a thing, he completely omits it from the other interview. He states he was working one bar yet at last call, just before shots are fired, he went to a different bar “to collect his check”; I’ve been to my share of bars and bartenders remain when patrons leave – at last call they are serving a last round of drinks and closing tabs… not going and collecting a paycheck [and the timing of this is just convenient to say the least].

Here are the two Luis Burbano videos I am referencing:

Let’s take a look at that alley, that back door, and that hole in the fence.

That patio fence have any holes in it? Maybe he meant he went under the fence and that sliding glass door is on that patio? That’s plausible, but he said he did something contrary in the opposite interview.

This is odd; I don’t see a back door or an alley. There is an empty lot behind Pulse full of gravel and, if I recall correctly, a tree or two.

Again, no alley. Next door there is a gas station.

So, here’s what we know.

Regarding the mainstream media’s story, and that of Orlando police, Mateen got into the club after a firefight with a cop stationed at the club (this must be a Florida thing – I’ve seen off-duty cops do club security but never one ‘stationed’), and after he made it inside where he killed fifty people and wounded, last time I checked, fifty-three. Mateen was once on a terror list, was removed, and was known to the FBI, he held some form of security clearance for his work with the British security firm G4S – of which Vanity Fair called ‘The Chaos Company’, and all the above allowed him to purchase firearms.

We also know that multiple witnesses heard references to multiple assailants. We know mainline media outlets have broke off from a witness stating the presence of multiple shooters. We know that one of the mainstream media’s witnesses, and among the most interviewed among outlets, is a B-list actor that has told different stories that contradict one another.

And once again, we have yet another mass shooting, with massive national coverage, under Obama’s tenure. And once again, we have another event chock-full with failures and inconsistencies.

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