Fullerton Police murder man on camera and walk free…

“You see my fists? They’re getting ready to fuck you up.”

Never mind the bashed face and the details of his injuries; the police (and court) say Kelly Thomas died from heart problems.

Sometimes, like now, late is better than never I suppose… so…

In more news from around this police state:

Fullerton [California] police officers that were involved in beating a homeless man into a coma in July 2011, Kelly Thomas, who later died of his injuries, have been acquitted of all charges… for now. The FBI is currently reviewing the case and a retrial outside of the area should take place. All the grisly details you need may be found in the videos below.

Please visit the Facebook page for Kelly Thomas here.

The two following videos provide video and audio of the assault of these thugs hiding behind badges:

“Is he still breathing?”

“Looks like it ***.”
“***it looks like he’s still going up and down…”
“They hit him, they hit him in his head.”
“He hit his head.”
“He got facial injuries ***.”
“… I got the end of my taser and I probably… I just start smashing his face to hell.”

To see just what injuries these pigs inflicted upon Kelly please watch the following video:

Cicinelli admitted to using the ass end of his taser to fellow officers. Does the injuries and references to brain death have anything remotely to do with a heart issue? No.

And what did the judge that presided over the case say about this? He said that all of us are using our hearts when reviewing the facts here and not our heads. I am by no means a humanitarian… but this judge should be thrown out on his ass.

I, personally, have been jumped while completely intoxicated, by 3-5 guys… repeated kicked while on the ground (including kicks to the face and head), and looked nothing like Kelly Thomas.

Another thing I can attest to is the treatment of the homeless; at one time in my life (thankfully a long time ago) I spent a few months living out of my car… a low I never want to revisit… and I was two cities away from Fullerton. Cops would threaten and intimidate you as if it were a past time. I’ve seen this first hand and been the focus of it as well on one occasion. A close friend of mine, rather recently, was pulled over for no reason, and threatened by police in Costa Mesa, CA. My friend stated to his luck there was road work and he was within visual sight of the CalTrans workers… he sincerely believes that if they had him on a dark road his night would have went much differently… for questioning them about why they pulled him over to begin with. I guess we are all pretty cool with thugs pulling us over for no reason and demanding to know where we have come from and to where we are heading (which is none of their fucking business). What was once known elsewhere as papers is now a drivers license for the unfortunate target of bored police… police whose departments also have the pressure of city officials to drum up money via court fees, fines, etc.

Notice how Ramos from the start is swinging his night stick…

Even a moron can see that Ramos has an aggressive, gamey, and sarcastic stance from the start. Was a crime committed – was there any evidence – was there any reason for the bullshit and games to ensue rather than simply showing up and telling Kelly to take a hike? No.

If you and I were to get into a fist fight and I beat you into a coma, in which you later died due to your injuries, you better fucking bet that I would be tried for murder or manslaughter. These individuals beat a man to death because he didn’t put his hands behind his back after pleading that he could not breath. What’s more, their own dialogue while on the scene attests to the utter lack of control they have over their own behavior – beginning with Ramos’ tough guy, thug, douche with a badge interaction with Thomas all the way to Cicinelli’s audio illustrating a lack of any form of controlled response. The jurors should be ashamed of themselves. The judge should be recalled. While murderers they are in my eyes, how even the most conservative person out there wouldn’t hold them negligent is beyond me – yet negligence leads directly to manslaughter… which is my case and point.

Take another look at the murderers; look at how lifeless their eyes are. Manuel Ramos (L) and Jay Cicinelli (R). These two should be tossed into gen pop at a place like Folsom.

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