My Reactions to the Final Presidenatial Debate

Bryan Doueblue
Clinical Cynic
October 20, 2016

Below is the debate in-full (nearly):

I jotted some things down while I watched – surely missing some things due to some distractions on my end. Begin:

Candidates have not been informed of questions. Sure.

33,000 lives??? According to Gun Violence Archive roughly 12,000 gun-related deaths in 2015. According to NPR there are over 300 million guns in private hands. What Hillary fails to illustrate, is whether or not the guns involved in her inflated numbers are legal or not. Is that too “Fast and Furious” Hillary? Even if those deaths were all caused by legally owned firearms, which we know by default not to be the case, that is a 1/25,000 chance of Americans falling victim to fellow citizens due to gun violence. Over your lifetime you have a 1/12,000 chance to be struck by lightning.

Perhaps she is for late-term abortion, despite a fetus’ ability to live outside the womb, due to her husband’s many indiscretions?

Perhaps I can emigrate to, nay – I’ll just go to Mexico or Guatemala, and once I am there and established I can have my entire family over. After all, if I am there they also have a right no? Anything short of yes would be racist and xenophobic – I don’t care about Mexico’s or Guatemalan laws, I just care about me. I’m special.

 If we trade energy with our ‘neighbors’ more than anyone in the world already, why the need for open borders? When you wanted the pipeline from Saudi Arabia to traverse Syria you didn’t care about open borders among the agreeing parties (Syria aside). That was a blatant dodge and a shoddy one at that.

Russia… Russia… Russia. Where is your proof Hillary? Bit upset about that thorn in your side in Ukraine and Syria??? Maybe it’d be kind of like your proof in the bin Laden raid; you guys “got” your man and then, and unlike the Gaddafi and Hussein pictures and video, he’s literally tossed off a ship. Of course there was the shots of the ‘team’ posturing in the situation room. But sure, by all means, if you say it’s so it must be.

And Hillary’s reference to Russian influence in the election – where’s your proof? “We’ve never had a foreign government interfere[…]” – complete BS. What about the AIPAC? Then you have private, for-profit, organizations such as Americans United for Change and Democracy Partners.

And Trump, really, how many warheads do you need??? These things need to be disappearing and we should be working together with Putin to do so – not pushing for ‘missile shields’ right on Russia’s front door. If fifty of those things are lobbed where are you going to go? Would it matter if it was 1,800 v. 2,000 missiles? You can only die and kill someone once.

Russia has not taken over the Middle East – that is laughable.

NATO is antiquated and should go away just as the Eastern Bloc went away. Yet Clinton and Obama’s kicking a fence with a beehive on it – so of course they want NATO. And it was NATO that flew over Libya while radical elements overtook that nation and then dragged Gaddafi through the streets. And it was NATO that was hitting pro-Assad elements in Syria and, with the help of Clinton’s Saudi buddies, funneling foreign fighters, arms, and money through the Turkish border.

Hillary talks of foreign influence on elections and is taking Saudi and Qatar money?!? Then she brings up Haiti?!? Huh? The same Haiti that the Clinton Foundation is under scrutiny over regarding pilfering relief money? FBI investigation? The one controlled ultimately dismissed by your buddy Comey? Syrian civil war aided by the Iranians, Russians, and Syrians?!? Al-Raqqah is the sovereign nation of Syria’s soil and theirs to get back – not yours and your Saudi friends Hillary.

If we, the American public, swallow this BS we deserve what we get. Bye Hillary. If I could place you, your rich buddies, and your Saudi friends on a rocket and have you be the founder of a Martian colony I’d do so.

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