Johnson & Johnson to pay $2.2B to settle criminal marketing

November 4, 2014

Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiaries have agreed to pay over $2.2 billion to resolve criminal and civil allegations that the company promoted powerful psychiatric drugs for unapproved uses in children, seniors and disabled patients, the Department of Justice announced on Monday.

The allegations include paying kickbacks to physicians and pharmacies to recommend and prescribe Risperdal and Invega, both antipsychotic drugs, and Natrecor, which is used to treat heart failure.

The figure includes $1.72 billion in civil settlements with federal and state governments as well as $485 million in criminal fines and forfeited profits.

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$2,200,000,000. Can we now move on to busting the Obama regime and the insurance lobby? Also, I want to start hearing of doctors losing their jobs for accepting these kickbacks (happens all the time).
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