Paris, Thought Police, & You

Bryan Douebleu
Clinical Cynic
November 17, 2015

[Note: This post is taken from an email sent to some friends and family – it was not written directly as a post, but I just can’t help posting it.]

The Bilderberger named Suckerberg and his Facebook cronies are blocking specific anti-ISIS pages and posts. Anonymous is one of their targets as well.

We all know that NATO was involved instigating Arab Spring and the attempted overthrow of Assad – but perhaps they don’t want to tarnish the disgusting House of Saud – can’t have that Saudi money trail coming to light.

Oh, and look at this. Rob Lowe commented on the French closing their borders and there has been outcries on social media denouncing him. Here is what he said:

Now, you absolutely MUST click this link to read what people are saying about him due to the post above. Click the link below and read other twits responses:

Yeah – this is the world we live in – we are sheep that no longer require being prodded. No more abstract and independent thinking exists within the majority of humanity. It is, essentially, hive mind.

Meanwhile, the last two months the French have been trying to put the leader of the French nationalists on trial – for “anti-Muslim incitement”. Our world is sideways – not quite upside down – but getting there.

That’s right; they want to try her for mere remarks!!! Orwell must be rolling in his grave.
The idiot French people behind this move obviously don’t even know their own history – France is the birthplace of modern nationalism. And no, nationalism has nothing to do with racism and nothing to do with being a damn Nazi.

Ladies and gentlemen, the world is not black and white… But there is a majority of individuals out there, complete with loud voices, that want you and I to bend to their strange sense of reality.

[PS – While I could have, I said nothing of ISIS being the love child of NATO – chiefly the product of US/UK/FR/Turkey/Saudi efforts – much of which has been shared over the past several years through this blog.]

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