France to ban prophet film protests

Irish Examiner
September 19, 2012

France’s prime minister said today that a planned demonstration by people angry over a film produced in the United States which insults the Prophet Mohammed will not be allowed to go ahead.

Jean-Marc Ayrault said organisers of Saturday’s protest against the film Innocence Of Muslims will not receive police authorisation.

Mr Ayrault told French radio RTL today: “There’s no reason for us to let a conflict that doesn’t concern France come into our country. We are a republic that has no intention of being intimidated by anyone.”

A wave of protest has swept some Muslim countries over the amateurish video posted online. The total number of deaths linked to unrest over the film is at least 28.

Well, that certainly doesn’t seem very “democratic” or “free”.  But if protestors are running amok like rabid animals, causing harm and destroying property I can understand the desire to put a lid on it.  And France does know what it’s like to have a specific ethnic group run amok on her streets.
When you think about it, only weak-minded people allow others to get under their skin.  I can’t believe the Muslim world cares what some moron from Cerritos and whomever his backers are, intelligence or not, thinks of them. 


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