The Freedumb Act

Bryan Doubleu
Clinical Cynic
June 2, 2015

That’s it – I’ve lost any and all respect for both this country and its people. Time and time again we have been given opportunities to use our little brains and develop some common sense; yet, we have decided to allow the government to not mandate labeling food ingredients, we allow them to require forced vaccinations, we follow them and their corporate handlers into wars of aggression based on lies, and the dumbest thing, at surface level, we allowed the Patriot Act to come into reality and now the Freedom Act (ie. Freedumb Act – because you are a total dumb ass if you believe it).

The Freedom Act is political smoke and mirrors – the data centers are still mining all of your ridiculous selfies and then some. Oh, and you can bet they [at the NSA] are still swapping naked cell phone pictures of American sheep.

And, why is it that there was all sorts of debate just recently? The Patriot Act should have been utterly destroyed years ago… and the Bush and Cheney gang should have served time for numerous offenses – the Obama administration is a continuation of the same agenda. And what hope is on the horizon? Jeb Bush??? Comical. Politicians will never bring change – just more of the same that at times may be dressed differently. Only a dumbed down, tuned out idiot could buy into this absurd paradigm. Change has to happen with the individual and, judging by the infectious stupidity among us, I am beginning to have doubts I’ll see any glimmer of it in my lifetime. Oh well, the Bruce Jenner identity crisis is the most important thing going anyways.

One that doesn’t take a stand for their own privacy deserves none.

Now, what nation wants to grant me political asylum?

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