Fuk U Fukushima

Bryan Douebleu
Clinical Cynic
February 9, 2017

Fukushima is worse now than ever before.

You gotta love nukes. Of course the Obama administration downplayed this as well as he is very much in bed with the nuclear lobby (another reason he was on the attack on coal etc. – and NOT advocating and pushing for alternative energy like Spain has done – and why he helped proliferation of nuclear power). Must have been another reason, along with his kill lists and role in ruining nations (Libya, Syria, Yemen, etc.), why he received a Nobel Peace Prize – a total sham of a ‘prize’.

Yet, some of us knew this was the case a long time ago, know which way the wind is blowing, and can actually recognize when something smells bad.

I realize there are some people out there that just cannot deal with some things and will call reporting on this ‘fear mongering’; irregardless that this is reality they can only operate with a protective stance of denial and seek only warm and fuzzy comfort rather than face the world head-on. And this special kind of cowardice needs to end now as it is precisely the kind of mentality that will bring zero change to this planet.

Nukes, both energy and weapons, should be rid of. No matter what it’s a fucking ticking time bomb in which the best case scenario we have loads of insanely radioactive waste with which we just sweep under the rug.

All that glorious rain we’ve been having here in California… Hmm… Where does that rain originate from? You can bet that we, on the west coast, got a little dose of Fuk U from General Electric and TEPCO this winter.

Once again, this [the nuclear industry] is another example of humanity being held hostage by a few greedy assholes. Really, who was consulted with nuclear power? Who would say “oh that sounds great” when informed of just the byproduct of the industry, piling up, and remaining hot for thousands of years? THAT is 100% insanity. We are effectively held hostage and progress is kept at bay for the purpose of profit and its bottom line. The fact that some idiots would substitute nuclear power for coal, especially given modern advances in coal, is backwards and sad. It’s absolutely NUCLEAR WAR IN SLOW MOTION. And, in the end, it’s scary to think of the long-term health impact of this. Added upon the unknown effects of GMO’s coupled with whatever we breath in the air via geoengineering, it’s shocking that we remain docile, distracted sheep.

You want proof that, as an American, our ‘leaders’ and goofy, industry infested alphabet agencies, don’t give a damn about the health of you and your children? Take a look at this article from 2011 that compares the differences in response to Fukushima between California and Korea. They don’t care about you. They only care about business as usual, money, and power. And decade after decade we place our concerns in silly political bullshit sideshows, on the left and right, while we are being very much screwed at every angle. And still, most people have their eyes closed to the real problems that plague humanity and this planet. Essentially, while experiencing radioactive rain, Korea closed 160 schools to protect children… While in California, we measured radioactivity ten times higher, no schools were closed or citizens advised to avoid the rain, and instead our precious EPA raised safe radiation levels – not one time, but multiple times.

Yet Spain is seemingly the only nation with a forward-thinking perspective. Shame that they too are then not immune to its neighbors, such as France, which operates nearly sixty nuclear reactors.

Nuclear Energy Around the World. As of November 2016, 30 countries worldwide are operating 450 nuclear reactors for electricity generation and 60 new nuclear plants are under construction in 15 countries. Nuclear power plants provided 10.9 percent of the world’s electricity production in 2012.

All that risk for 10.9% of our power. Worth it you think?

Yeah, I’m pissed off, again, about this. But maybe you should be too.

What will it take for humanity to wake up and, not demand, but effect real change? How long must we wait for the rest of you to get pissed about something other than your favorite sports team losing or what the real 1% want to distract you with? The clock is ticking…

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