SE Asians aren’t satisfied with pushing the tiger to extinction…

And sadly, all the blame doesn’t go to China, Laos, and Vietnam. South Africa has an absolutely abysmal track record with the preservation of lions; from breeding projects to feed the canned hunting industry to hunting safaris, South Africa is very likely among the most deserving of blame. Of course, there are many Europeans and Americans that get an erection when the thought of shooting a lion enters their lizard brain; the blame comes here as well. In fact, taking into account the image above, within nine years nearly 4,000 lions were killed and returned to American soil as trophies – this does not take into account those lost in 2015 and the first half of 2016.

With tiger numbers at an all-time low and a rising middle class in China, there is an increasing demand in animal parts for novelty and for use in dirt-worshiping traditional madicine. Now lions are losing their lives so some human cancer in a far off land can impress party goers or ‘cure’ some goofy ailment in their archaic ‘medicine’.

“… lions are thought to be as few as between 15 000 and 20 000 in the entire continent of Africa. Their numbers are also rapidly declining.Just like rhino horn there is an ever-increasing demand for lion bones in the far east, which is again used in traditional medicine in the form of lion bone wine, or even as a substitute for tiger bone wine, in some cases labeled as tiger bone wine. It is also used in lion bone cake/cookies and other consumable products.This is where the line between captive lions and wild lions starts to blur and is not completely understood by the masses. It’s completely legal to sell the bones from a lion in South Africa. Most are being harvested as a by-product from the ‘Canned Lion Hunting’ – however one would never know if the bones were from a captive bred lion or a wild one. There’s huge opportunities for illegally acquired bones to land up in the legal channels and a growing demand for bones wont necessarily be satiated by South Africa. What about syndicates involved in poaching in other countries perhaps also wanting to be in on the action. We therefore cannot act as if South Africa is in isolation to the rest of Africa. What we allow to happen within our borders can have a detrimental effect on wild lion populations outside of them.

The simple truth is that we don’t know the exact impact; however we do know that already there is a fair amount of anecdotal evidence to suggest lions are being smuggled from the wild into captivity, a highly illegal activity. It is being done to mitigate the consequences of captivity depression (Too much inbreeding) and also potentially to bring in to the market wild lion bones which are believed to be more potent and therefore fetch much higher prices.

Wild lions face other external pressures including retaliatory killings especially the farther north we go where protected areas are unfenced, prey base depletion, suitable habitat loss and therefore isolation which leads to genetic isolation and inbreeding and unsustainable trophy hunting.

What is really needed as a starting point to help wild lion populations, is an accurate census of the remaining lions in Africa. From there we can then make some informed decisions as to how better protect lions in those particular areas in which they occur.”

Watch this beautifully shot video on the plight of the lion that doesn’t show anything graphic:

I love [to hate] how absurd we are as a species – we collectively have the attention span of a tween. Notice how ever since the dentist killing a lion blew over the media never covers the plight of lions and other beings – but they’ll report all day about #BLM and what some scumbag politician did or said. All the while lions and tigers, and a slew of other animals, slip down a slippery slope. Right now, as in right now while you read this, 41% of amphibians and 26% of mammal species are in danger of extinction – and that’s not even addressing fish, insects, reptiles, and plant life, or taking into account any acceleration. According to the Center for Biological Diversity we are losing dozens of species every single day – at between 1,000 to 10,000 times the natural background rate.

Here is an image showing how much the planet’s lion populations have dwindled:


The human race, while we like to pat ourselves on the back and regard ourselves as an intelligent species, is the only species on the planet that cannot live in harmony with its environment. You can say there are other animals that would do the same if given the chance and you might be right – but I thought we are the most evolved animal, no? Because the only time the natural imbalance is upset and an organism [outside of us] is inharmonious with its environment is due to an act of God or humanity. And a smart ass would say a parasite doesn’t live in harmony with its host… I guess they’d be calling us parasites, which given our current consciousness, we very well might be. We behave, as a race, similarly to those we scorn; like an addict, developmentally stunted, or mentally inept individual, we have completely skewed priorities and focus. We are like a trailer trash family that has towed the trailer onto a beautiful estate with all sorts of cool things around, live in squalor and then worry about getting a new TV or car.

While I don’t like illegal immigration, the elite, globalism, and all that political stuff, there is a lot more at stake right now – and regarding much in this realm that this email is about, you can hear crickets with as much noise we make about it.


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