The Media Spin on Russian Airstrikes in Syria

The lamestream media fulfilling its role as unofficial U.S. government propaganda channels.

Bryan Douebleu
Clinical Cynic
September 30, 2015

The cable news networks, along with the Obama administration, are spinning the reality of Russian airstrikes now taking place in Syria. Statements such as ‘Russia is attacking Assad’s enemies – not ISIS’ somehow fail to mention that ISIS is among Assad’s enemies in Syria.

Let’s take a step back for a moment; we know, that during the span of Assad’s rule in Syria, that some Syrian citizens left the country (YouTube’s SyrianGirl being one). Yet, we never witnessed a mass exodus such as the one we now see after NATO has destabilized the country, with some ‘4,000,000 Syrians’ now displaced. Representing the last domino in the NATO-instigated ‘Arab Spring’, the Syrian government failed to yield to the influx of foreign fighters streaming in via Turkey… which in turn placed their long-time allies in Moscow in a tough position – remember, Moscow has been essentially encircled according to PNAC‘s design, and NATO also was asserting their desires in the Ukraine (which, along with the Crimea, have strong historical ties to Russia).

Further, the Obama administration, and its media mouthpieces, accuse Russia of attacking anti-Assad elements that the U.S. trained; my question, as should be asked by everyone, is by what authority did the U.S. and other NATO states operate to overthrow the Assad regime? And what are those justifications? It has long been known that those same elements in Syria that were receiving NATO aid, in the form of munitions and weapons, were by-and-large the same elements the U.S. and coalition forces fought in Iraq. This knowledge did not stop Obama or the French government from continuing to arm these foreign elements in Syria year after year. Nor did it stop Turkey from allowing jihadists to enter Syria through its border.

Last time I checked, U.S.-armed groups in Syria, such as al-Nusra Front, are not representative of any form of a Syrian uprising against Assad.

Russia is simply supporting its strategic ally… And this ally, Assad, may represent a regime that was targeted by NATO, along with the Ukraine, to further isolate Russia.

Something we should all hope for is that Syria doesn’t come to mirror Serbia in 1914.

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