Obama is Obola

Aiding ISIS/alQaeda and wide-open borders wasn’t enough…

Bryan Douebleu
Clinical Cynic
October 9, 2014

I’ve been pretty busy trying to keep my head above water in school and with work these last few weeks… but I’ve been watching this Ebola absurdity take place within this country (the United States). I cannot believe the [lack of] measures taken by this government and the manner in which the media has placated the public. I am writing this off-the-cuff so bear with me…

For one, when asked by reporters why flights are still allowed to outbreak nations they often receive a response that ceasing flights would exacerbate the issue. Let’s see, African dictators are countering the Ebola threat better than U.S. “authorities”? How would stopping flights to and from nations like Sierra Leone make the Ebola problem worse?

The Transportation Security Administration has been tasked with checking passengers for Ebola at U.S. airports. Folks, this is the same agency that has largely been incompetent throughout the years while repeatedly using poor judgment. What’s more, a typical TSA employee has no medical background – the TSA is essentially branching off to be the CDC’s foot soldiers at airports. Here is the real problem – Ebola may incubate within a host randomly between two and twenty-one (21) days; how is checking for temperatures and other symptoms at U.S. airports a feasible solution? It’s not. Passengers can take OTC medications to reduce fever or the onset of symptoms… or they may have NONE. Further, if you have a sick individual identified at a U.S. airport it’s too late anyways – they are already here. If our “leaders” were competent they would be handling this issue prior to arrival within the U.S., via such logical approaches as checking passports for any recent travel to west Africa (and by recent I mean any time within the last four to five weeks). Every single airline should be doing this!

For those that like to tout the American medical system as capable of isolating patients think again. U.S. hospitals cannot even contain infections such as Clostridium difficile. Regardless, even if we pretended hospitals had the capability to contain Ebola it is not a solution.

Obama… oops, sorry, Obola, has now arranged for 3,000 U.S. troops to travel to Liberia to “fight” Ebola. I guess there is a new war now – a “war on Ebola”. All the other ones worked [the war on drugs, the war on ter’r] so why not right? The U.S. military isn’t designed to respond to epidemics, it is designed to wage war. There is likely another reason for these troops being sent… and that is beyond the scope of this post. My point here is that the military is not a ‘fit’ for deploying to assist in an epidemic… and if anything, if taken at face value, these troops are being put into a precarious situation for what? Why wouldn’t the WHO be taking charge here instead of taking actions such as restricting the shipment of supplements to W. Africa?

Take a look at the fiasco surrounding patient zero in Dallas; he was sent home with antibiotics, it took days to clean his apartment, an ill-equipped hazmat crew cleans up vomit (one individual pointed out they used what appeared to be painters tape on their gloves), it took roughly two days to properly sanitize the ambulance, and on and on…

The point here is that either Obola and Co. are utterly inept or they are deliberately choosing their tactics (or lack of). To write them off, Obola and the rest of the U.S. government, as just plain stupid is a disservice to yourself, everyone else, and the U.S. – they are not stupid.

So then, is the fiasco currently taking place deliberate??? If so, why? We should all be asking these questions.

What will it take for this nation to impeach a president? Does Obola need to get a blow job by Kerry or some intern first for the public to even get a little heated up? Seriously, I want to understand. The entire administration needs to be impeached… and the Ebola issue is simply the latest in a list that is far too long to even attempt at this time.

“The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.”

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