Facebook refuses to remove video of kitten being doused in petrol and set on fire

Facebook refuses to remove video of kitten being doused in petrol and set on fire ‘because it doesn’t breach any rules’

Lucy Crossley
September 8, 2014

Facebook has refused to remove a video of a kitten allegedly being doused in petrol and set on fire because the footage does not breach any of the social network’s rules.

In the shocking clip, two unidentified men can be seen apparently torturing a young kitten by stuffing it into a bucket, pouring flammable liquid over the animal and setting it on fire.

More than 14,000 users have commented on the clip – many expressing their disgust – but despite complaints, Facebook has not removed the two minute film.

When user Kieran Dunwel reported the footage for containing graphic violence, he was told that Facebook had reviewed the video before ruling it did not breach the site’s ‘community standards’.

‘I was going through Facebook and I saw this video,’ said the 23-year-old from Tilbury, Essex.

‘I clicked on it, watched it and I was disgusted.

‘I reported it to Facebook, it took five or six hours for them to get back to me, and they said it was perfectly fine to have it on there.

‘It made me feel sick, I was angry, I tried to find a phone number to speak to them but I couldn’t. I was outraged.’

The video shows liquid, understood to be petrol, being poured over the kitten as it lies in a bucket before the liquid is set alight.

The kitten manages to tip the bucket over and free itself, and attempts to run away in a ball of flames.

As the cat rolls on the floor to try to extinguish the fire, more liquid is poured over it, while the men stand and watch.

One then nudges the barely moving kitten with his foot, while the other tips the rest of the liquid over the animal.

After the flames are finally put out, the camera zooms in on the helpless animal as it gasps for air, before the clip ends with the sight of a plastic bag being put over it.

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Pure evil. Some people should surely die. At the very least, individuals like these two viruses should live out their lives in a laboratory for scientific testing… sparing another being.


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