ISIS corners 40,000 Iraqis on mountaintop

Displaced Iraqis from Sinjar flee from Isis troops towards the autonomous Kurdistan region. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

Bryan Douebleu
Clinical Cynic
August 6, 2014

In what should be seen as a slap in the face to those who served to “liberate” Iraq, as well as those back home who believed in the [B.S.] mission to begin with, ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) has taken control over much of northern Iraq bordering Syria. What’s worse, ISIS has 40,000 Yazidi Iraqis trapped on top of Mount Sinjar. These individuals, composed of men, women, and children, face death at the hands of ISIS if they attempt to escape the mountain and face death via dehydration/exposure/starvation if they stay.

This is the nightmare created by us (the United States) and NATO. It is the same nightmare that is transpiring in Libya and Syria. ISIS is an organization which was active in Syria, operating against the Assad government, and one that may likely have received support from Obama and France.

We never invaded Iraq because they had WMD’s. We never invaded Iraq because they were involved in 9/11. We never invaded Iraq to free the Iraqi people – this now is unmistakably obvious.

Ten years of American military might in Iraq leads to a total loss of control in northern Iraq.

Whether or not the U.S. will further lose face amid the global community, due to the environment it helped create in Iraq, remains to be seen. One thing though is certain; had the 2003 invasion never happened ISIS and other terrorist elements would not be rampaging throughout the north, thousands of American lives would have been spared, billions of U.S. tax money would have been used elsewhere, and nearly 200,000 Iraqi lives could have been spared.

There has been a complete and total outcry for civilians in Gaza; where are these people when it comes to what is happening in Iraq? What about in Syria? Libya? Egypt? Where is the righteous American intervention on behalf of a people that truly require it?!?

Oh right, that’s just Arab Spring…

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