Arizona Kills Mountain Lions Preying on Bighorn Sheep

Bryan Douebleu
Clinical Cynic
March 20, 2014

Arizona wildlife experts, in an attempt to reestablish a vanished bighorn sheep herd in Arizona’s Catalina Mountains, decided to release thirty-one of the animals into a thriving mountain lion population. Ask any elementary school kid what lions do and even they know; lions hunt – in order live, a lion must take prey. To date, sixteen of the thirty-one animals have fallen victim to lions. Any rational being would not blame the lions; animals that have no instinct to fear mountain lions (or other predators for that matter) were released into a very rare region where mountain lions have been allowed to flourish. Gee, what do you think will happen? 

“We are trying to go after the lions that are proving to be predators on the sheep.” – Joe Sacco (Arizona Game and Fish Department)

A true wildlife steward, Joe Sacco went on to boast that the mountain lion population in the Catalina Mountains is thriving so much they allow twenty lions to be hunted per year.

The lions were doing what lions do. Cats, from house cats all the way up to tigers, will take the path of least resistance; they will take the easy kill over the more difficult. There is a reason all cats sleep most of the time… the bulk of their energy is to be used for hunting. Cats are built, from the ground up, to hunt. Yet, what does Arizona do when their absurd plan seemingly is on a path to failure as a result of their lack of foresight? When and where possible, they kill lions that have taken bighorn. Again, the lion is doing exactly what it was designed to do, and once upon a time, before idiots with guns decided to intervene, bighorn sheep naturally appeared on the menu of mountain lions.

Arizona is punishing cats for hunting

Yet, it seems Arizona is getting flack only for their lack of planning and foresight; they are not getting much backlash regarding their treatment of mountain lions. Perhaps Arizona believes that only humans, an animal that only needs to drive to the store to acquire subsistence, have a right to hunt and kill bighorn. After all, it was Arizona that was responsible for the herd vanishing in the first place – a simple image search on “Arizona bighorn sheep” provided ample evidence of this fact. Ah… humanities best and brightest.

Cats everywhere on this planet have it quite bad – I want to see this change. I want to see people view cats as something to be protected; cats, not human huntards, are one of natures measures to maintain balance.

I find the actions Arizona is taking to be archaic and disgusting. Arizonaians should be ashamed.

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  1. Anonymous · May 8, 2014

    Your viewpoint is bullshit. Who do you think pays for species reintroduction? It's not dickheads like you.

    Kill all the fucking mountain lions.

  2. Bryan Douebleu · May 29, 2014

    When you got something to say, especially someone espousing total, complete bullshit like this guy, hide behind anonymity like this tool. This person must've been one of the morons that killed off Arizona's bighorn to begin with. Fucking coward.

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