Biden says Russia is on a "dark path"

Bryan Doueblue
Clinical Cynic
March 19, 2014

Let’s see, it is reported that Crimea has voted 97% in favor of joining Russia. Despite some articles attempting to conveniently cite history only since WWII, in one way or another, Crimea has had ties to Russia since the days of the Czar… at least. Crimea was once part of the Russian Empire during the 18th century. If Crimea, autonomously decides to secede from Ukraine and join Russia, and if it is the will of the people, so be it. Even the lamestream media have, time and again, noted that the vast majority of the Crimean population to be Russian. As a friend said to me today on the phone, “If Baja California voted in favor of leaving Mexico to join the United States [what/where is the issue]?”

Oh my. No black box voting?!?
What? Huh? Paper ballots?

And then there is the fact that Crimea is known as the “Autonomous Republic of Crimea”. Hmm… what does that mean you wonder? It means that if they vote on something it is their collective will and theirs alone.

I will say though, I think, and have always thought, that the US, the EU, and Russia can all go mind their own business; Crimea and the Ukraine should decide their own destiny without any outside influence. Just like people, nations should have the right to self-governance… without its greedy neighbors with their own agendas becoming a factor.

I understand the Ukraine perspective on Russia… and support it. Understandably so, there is still wounds there yet to heal.

That brings us now to Biden… and the masters this puppet serves. Rhetoric is flying all over the place regarding Crimea, Russia, and Ukraine. Biden’s ridiculous notion that Russia is heading down a “dark path” is akin to a black hole calling a kettle black. My nation, the United States, is one that has waged wars of aggression for over a decade, wars that were largely waged based on lies. Obama’s claim that US forces have withdrawn from Iraq is a downright lie. The United States has unleashed its drones and violence on sovereign nations, without any regard for collateral damage. The United States has zero respect for the privacy of other nations let alone its own citizens. The United States government serves a multinational cabal of bankers and corporations… not the American people. The United States has covertly and overtly aided terrorist elements in the overthrow, or attempted overthrow, of sovereign governments such as Egypt, Libya, and Syria. Just look at what it has gained the people of Egypt and Libya. Last time I looked it was Obama, not Putin, that publicly maintains a kill list. We have politicians, that once in office, infest American politics like roaches in the sleaziest of hotels. I could go on, but I don’t really see the point; I believe my point has been achieved.

I love my country for its potential. I don’t love it for what it has become.

Update: Here is some pictures of aggression in Crimea:

Russia supporters salute a statue of Russian empress Ekaterina II who founded Sevastopol.

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