A wildlife park in England has murdered two lions and four cubs

Martin Delgado & Nick Constable
Daily Mail
February 8, 2014

Six lions at Longleat Safari Park have been put down, triggering  outrage among staff who claim there was no obvious reason for the animals to be killed.


An adult male called Henry, a lioness named Louisa and four of her cubs were all put to death last month in an operation supervised by vets.

Bosses at the safari park on the Marquess of Bath’s Wiltshire estate insist the decision was taken because of ‘health risks’ after a population increase led to violent behaviour.

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Bosses at the safari park need to be fed to lions.

I find this highly disgusting. A lion is violent. They lead violent lives. This is fact. This is their natural behavior as dictated by instinct – sticking them in a cage that people can drive through does not negate this.  A lions daily life is perhaps one of the most violent on this planet.

Firstly, I oppose any sort of zoo or “safari” park… these assholes were breeding lions. Essentially, they were doing that same old human bullshit of creating lives and then destroying them. In this case I think those running this place should have received the needle in their arms. Lions are teetering on the brink now… because of this reason I have ZERO tolerance for bullshit. Even if lions were not hunted in shit holes like South Africa or often exploited I would still have a huge issue with this. And this was complete bullshit. Staff clearly stated the reasons behind this was pure BS.
If anyone near Longleat that is reading this – don’t give these fuckers any of your money. 
Humanity goes to war for all sorts of bullshit reasons; protecting the environment and wildlife are one of the few reasons I would willingly go to war. Too bad most of the world fights for greed or perceived self-gain.

Longleat should be shut down. 
Their website should be DDoS’ed into the Stone Age.
If you are in the UK and you still don’t have a problem with this dump, consider the parasite known as Alexander Thynn; just another greedy, parasitic “noble” known as the Marquess of Bath. He is the douche that owns Longleat. He is a prime example of a human parasite in where only he and his aims matter – not yours (or the lions). In November of 2010 Alexander Thynn fired all employees over the age of 65 before laws came into effect protecting them from discriminatory employers.

Of course all parasites like to multiply: On the left you have the “Ejaculate of Longleat” who is currently running the show at Longleat – then on the right you have the “Loins of Longleat”.
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