Japanese Dolphin Slaughter – The Numbers So Far

Every remaining day, throughout February, the Taiji dolphin killers attempt to acquire and kill more dolphins.

Below are screenshots of the numbers from Ceta-Base which has been tracking the numbers of dolphins driven, captured, killed, and released during the 2013/2014 dolphin season in Taiji, Japan. If you know anyone that is an apologist for Sea World or other programs, such as “swim with dolphins” programs, please spread this information to them. Please also consider making “social” networking actually worthwhile and share information like this.

[Click to enlarge images.]

In short, the Taji dolphin slaughter led to 158 dolphins being taken for the captive industry… this year alone. I don’t have the stomach to count up the number killed.

The Taiji killers begin capturing and killing dolphins in September and do not cease until at some point between February through April.

And now, posted below, is a document compiled by Ceta-Base, which tracks the Taiji operation from 1999 through 2012. You will see that this current season (above), in comparison, comprises one of the largest takes on record.


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