Help End Big Cat Exploitation

If you learn of exotic cats or cubs being exploited in your area, please contact Susan Bass at

[From BigCatRescue]

No. 1 Ford Motor Company aired a commercial during the Super Bowl featuring a live adult tiger with actor James Franco. Ford tells us that the tiger was “properly treated” during filming. And to make matters worse, they now have a SECOND ad featuring an adult leopard! Please politely let Ford know they are missing the point – the very fact that these cats are bred to be used in movies and commercials is abusive. Ford would likely be appalled if they knew how big cats are kept when they aren’t on set. Animal lovers do NOT want to see them exploited for entertainment and profit. Tweet using #nearlydouble at and post Facebook comments at[Football – just another worthless distraction keeping people’s eyes off of things that really matter. I would also put the screws to James Franco… he should not be let off easily either. – Bryan]

No. 2 On February 15th the Myrtle Beach Marathon (South Carolina) will again be a willing participant in the exploitation of tiger cubs as it teams up with one of the country’s most prolific breeders and exhibitors of exotic cats, Bhagavan Antle and his T.I.G.E.R.S. facility. Big Cat Rescue tried to educate the president of the marathon and its board of directors about the extensive breeding and cub petting this facility does. We explained that Antle has decades of animal care citations and investigations dating all the way back to 1989. Antle claims his “Rare Species Fund” contributes to wildlife conservation, but Rare Species Fund does not even appear to be a non-profit registered with the IRS. Please ask the organizers of the Myrtle Beach Marathon to stop exploiting tiger cubs and cancel the cub display during their marathon. Contact Shaun Walsh at and 843-238-3343. Contact Bill Stanton at and 843-233-8088.

No. 3 Animal handler Dave Salmoni brought two lion cubs onto the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on January 31st. He used the guise many breeders and exhibitors of big cats use: seeming to care about big cats in the wild all the while exploiting captive cubs on television! The cubs were clearly stressed and not under the direct control of Salmoni, which we believe is a violation of the Animal Welfare Act. To make matters worse, it appears that the cubs actually belonged to Serenity Springs, which is being sued by USDA for Animal Welfare Violations!  Please urge NBC and the new producers of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (which starts this month) to stop having big cat cubs on the program and place the wellbeing of the cats above profits and ratings. Click here and then scroll down to open the “select show” box to leave your comments:

No. 4 Live in the state of Washington or know someone who does? Our friends at the Mountain Lion Foundation need your help to stop a Washington state Senate bill from passing that would FORCE the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) to allow trophy hunters to use hounds to kill cougars for fun. Please help stop this cruel and unnecessary bill! [I find it disgusting that they want to go out into the wilderness and kill these cats for “public safety”… what a sham. These individuals represent all the ugliness within humanity. They are a cancer… for nothing else other than them is important. Want to know what kind of hunt I would support (or culling rather)? – Bryan] 

No. 5 Did you know that the USDA has a new online form for reporting animal abuse? If you see abuse of any animals at USDA licensed facilities, you can now quickly and easily let USDA know and urge them to immediately send an inspector out to inspect the facility. Find the form here: 

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