Taiji Dolphin Slaughter – January 28, 2014

The Japanese Dolphin Slaughter Continues…

An entire pod of 60-65 Striped dolphins was completely annihilated this morning in Taiji’s killing cove. — at Taiji Japan.

Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians Page (official)
January 28, 2014 0159PST

It was nothing short of a horror movie this morning in Taiji. The killing cove was a bright crimson blood bath after an entire family of 60-65 Striped dolphins were savagely murdered.

This morning the Striped dolphin pod was found by the killers at approximately 8am and by 9:30am the pod was netted into the confined space of the cove. The dolphin killers pushed a majority of the dolphins under the tarps and began to slaughter one by one. While the sound of thrashing was heard from the shore and the cove water turned red, 5 dolphins remained swimming only feet from the crime scene. Panicked from the sight and sound of their family murdered in front of them, those dolphins became injured, entangled in nets, and spy hopped out of the water to beg for mercy. Their fight and pleas fell on deaf ears as the killers ruthlessly murdered them in the same horrific manner the dolphins witnessed only minutes before.

By the end of the morning, an entire family of 60-65 Striped dolphins, that included babies and juveniles, was nothing more than slabs of meat loaded onto skiffs and used as seats for the killers on their way to the butcher house.

Our live stream is archived at http://livestream.seashepherd.org/

Cove Guardians Mandy, Mark, Jack, Christian and Mel document and live stream from above the cove. — at Taiji Japan.
60-65 Striped dolphins brutally slaughtered today. — at Taiji Japan.
The dolphin drive could be seen miles from shore. — at Taiji Japan.
5 killing boats and 2 skiffs pushed the pod farther into the killing cove to prevent any attempt of escape. — at Taiji Japan.
Mother and juvenile herded into the cove. — at Taiji Japan.
Dolphins were seen floating on their backs as if mourning their loved ones…as the water turned blood red. — at Taiji Japan.
Dolphins were manhandled and wrestled without care or remorse. — at Taiji Japan.
Dolphins were seen barely floating, entangled within nets and severely injured. — at Taiji Japan.
This dolphin appeared to be pleading to the killers for over 15 minutes as the killers callously wrestled and tethered him/her to shore for slaughter. — at Taiji Japan.
Killers maneuvered skiffs to block any attempt for escape. — at Taiji Japan.
Many of the pod were trapped within the outer net of the cove and sustained multiple injuries. — at Taiji Japan.
The violent process of wrestling, manhandling and molesting these dolphins to shore can take several hours. — at Taiji Japan.
One dolphin struggled for at least 30 minutes before finally being dragged under the tarps. — at Taiji Japan.
A killer squeezes the beak of a Striped dolphin as he attempts to gain control to tether for slaughter. — at Taiji Japan.
Two killers work together to tether and restrain dolphin, causing multiple injuries. — at Taiji Japan.
Dolphins were bleeding profusely from multiple wound sustained during process before slaughter. — at Taiji Japan.
Barbaric laughs could be heard as the killers continued to toss ropes into the water for tethering the dolphins. — at Taiji Japan.
One of the last five dolphins to be slaughtered this morning. — at Taiji Japan.
Mother and calf swim together side by side before eventually being herded toward death. — at Taiji Japan.
This dolphin, although still conscious was seen floating on his/her back as family was being slaughtered. — at Taiji Japan.
Taiji claims this is humane.
Killers causing multiple injuries for hours before dolphins are actually slaughtered.
— at Taiji Japan.
The final five dolphins fought for their freedom, but lost in the end. — at Taiji Japan.
The last dolphin to be slaughtered today was forced to swim in a blood filled cove until his own brutal death. — at Taiji Japan.
A dolphin killer swims and scales the cove for any dead bodies that might have been missed. — at Taiji Japan.
Dead dolphin carcasses stacked under the tarps that drape the killing shore. — at Taiji Japan.
One of the many dolphins that were tethered before slaughter. — at Taiji Japan.

How YOU can help:

All the silly petitions, phone calls, tweets, et al, in the world does NOT compare to the power of money. If enough people simply began to use their money diligently by not buying anything associated with the nation of Japan this would end. Simply put, money talks.

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