Two wild orcas have been captured by hunters, and will be displayed at the Sochi Winter Olympics.

White Sphere, the Russian company behind this, are just looking to make a fast buck from the tourists who will be descending on to Sochi during the Games. All at the expense of these beautiful creatures who have been stolen from their ocean home.

The mammals, which can grow up to 22ft long and swim 100 miles a day, are set to be kept in a “small concrete tank” after a 4,614-mile flight from the far east of Russia. Animal experts say that transporting orcas causes them stress, that keeping them in ­captivity shortens their life and can even turn them “psychotic”.

Tell White Sphere not to display the wild orcas, and release them back into the ocean where they belong.

This isn’t the first time that the Sochi Winter Olympics has met controversy. Over 400,000 of us have already petitioned Coca Cola, as a sponsor of the Winter Olympics, to speak out on Russia’s brutal anti-gay laws.

The spotlight is now on Russia and these Games, and the International Olympic Committee can not afford more embarrassment. If we draw attention to White Sphere’s despicable behaviour now, just 3 weeks before the Games begin, there’s more chance that we can win this.

Demand that White Sphere drops its plan to display the orcas, and return them to the wild

More information:
‘Blackfish’ glitch: Did plan to fly orcas to Sochi for the Olympics get caught up in Moscow?, Raw Story, 16 January
Killer whales cruelly snared by hunters will be put on display at Russia’s Sochi Winter Olympics, Mirror, 12 January

The human race is, by and large, in my opinion, a fucking cancer on this planet. No stone is left unturned in our search to satiate our fucking greed. Nothing is universally sacred; not each other or anything else… the only thing sacred to the vast majority of homo sapiens is their greed.

Humanity is like an arm or leg with gangrene; there may be some good tissue on there still, but it just isn’t enough… the destruction wrought by the gangrene is just too much; the limb must be amputated.

Replace gangrene with greed, apathety, professed ignorance, et al.

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