Japanese dolphin hunt continues as fleet attempts to herd another pod

23 January 1705PST Update: The first pod has eluded death. The boats have driven another pod to just outside the Taiji harbor.

23 January 1743PST Update: The killers have successfully driven a family of Pantropical Spotted dolphins into the cove. Live feed here.

23 January 1816PST Update: The killers have set up the tarps to hide the slaughter. They are currently selecting individuals for captivity. The remaining individuals will be put to death upon Japanese spears. 

23 January 1830PST Update: One boat with captives has left and the slaughter has now started. Cove Guardians on-site state the cove is now running red with blood. 


Despite the fact that the lamestream media may not remain active covering the capture and slaughtering of dolphins in Taiji the Taiji fleet continues its attempts to locate and herd pods into the killing cove. Sea Shepherd volunteers from Cove Guardians remain on-site to disseminate the events as they unfold. From the tweets above I hope that this pod has evaded the “fishermen”.

Please continue to spread the word about this and shine light on this reality. Please cease buying any and all Japanese goods in an effort to force the government of Japan to abolish this “tradition”.

Sea Shepherd has a streaming site where they go live – you can visit it here. Also, please consider donating to their (our) cause via their donate button located on the site. Let’s hope that a need for them to go to a live stream doesn’t arise.

Cove Guardians: Twitter & Facebook – merely following or liking their pages isn’t enough… you must spread the information and use your money as a weapon.

The killing of dolphins and whales is sanctioned by the government of Japan. The dolphin slaughter in Taiji is aided with the help of local police who monitors those attempting to witness the killing. Therefore, we MUST make the nation and government of Japan pay – economic harm must be inflicted upon them

→STOP BUYING JAPANESE PRODUCTS!!! All the silly petitions, phone calls, tweets, et al, in the world does NOT compare to the power of money. If enough people simply began to use their money diligently by not buying anything associated with the nation of Japan this would end. Simply put, money talks.

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Do animals have feelings? 

Yesterday (January 23 in Japan) these “fishermen” killed an entire family of striped dolphins.
The following is taken from the Cove Guardian Facebook page:
Despite worldwide media attention on Japan to stop the heinous slaughter of dolphins and small whales, Taiji continues to kill dolphins.

All 12 killing boats left Taiji harbor this morning and in less than 2 hours they had discovered a pod of Striped dolphins just south of Taiji.

The pod was driven by all 12 killing boats and forced into the shallow water of the cove. After being netted and corralled into the tiny confines of the killing cove, the killers draped a second net pulling the dolphins farther in under the tarps. As we continued to live stream the process, killers pushed the pod quickly under tarps and out of our sight. Just another work day for these barbarians and just another day hiding their “culture and tradition”.

No lives were spared today as all 25-28 Striped dolphins were callously murdered under the large tarps that lined the shore of the killing cove. The bodies were thrown onto a small skiff and buried under a large silver tarp to cover the bloodshed. Delivered to the butcher house and processed for meat for human consumption.

A complete family unit was obliterated this morning in the cove.
Killers rapidly try to cover the bodies that were tossed onto the skiff for transfer to the butcher house.
Dolphin killers use their body weight to hold tarp down over the dead Striped dolphin carcasses.
All 12 killing boats left Taiji harbor this morning
The Striped pod was driven toward Taiji within two hours.
The killers used banger poles and slap paddles to manipulate the pod toward the killing cove.
The entire pod of 25-28 Striped dolphins were slaughtered for human consumption. 
Once netted into the killing cove, the pod was rushed to ward the killing shore. No lives were spared.

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