Bottlenose Dolphins in Taji, Japan January 21, 2014

Recap of events of last dolphin drive in Taiji.

Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians
January 21, 2014

For the fifth straight day the killers of Taiji, Japan inflicted further pain and suffering on 42 of the 250 Bottlenose dolphins that were herded into the cove. After the killers arrived at daybreak they pushed the first Bottlenose dolphin pod to the killing shore with the same inhumane muscle and force typical in Taiji. Unfortunately, however, the pod that fought so hard in the previous days was unable fight from lack of food, exhaustion, and injuries sustained from killers and motors over the last five days. Once on the shore 40 dolphins were each sentenced to a slow, painful, and conscious death as a metal rod was rammed into their spinal cord. The killers were not the only ones to witness each dolphin suffer on the shore, 1 Bottlenose watched its family murdered in front of her before she was transported to a tiny captive prison in the harbor. Death did not end on the killing shore this morning. One dolphin in the second remaining pod was seen struggling in the nets and ignored by the killers before he/she finally drowned. Killers tried to hide the death of this dolphin with tarps, but his/her struggle was not in vain as Cove Guardians were there for the world to see. Hungry from killing up an appetite, the dolphin murderers took a break for lunch before the remaining 130-140 starved and injured Bottlenose dolphins were drivenback out to sea in the same deafening manner as the drive in. Many babies and juveniles were seen in the remaining pod. Too small to count for quota and deemed unsuitable for captivity. Many of these dolphins who were driven out will not survive and will soon be found washed ashore in the coming days. 

A total of 93 Bottlenose dolphins were taken from the ocean in the past 5 days by the barbaric killers and trainers of Taiji, Japan. The killers claim the barbaric drive, starvation, beating, and murdering of dolphins is there culture. However, they continue to try and hide their actions and make millions of dollars off of the captive industry that is used for funding the slaughter.  

52 captives
41 deaths
130-140 driven back out to sea

Our Live Stream can be viewed at

Last Cove Guardian update: All 12 killing boats have left Taiji harbor in search of dolphins and small whales. The dolphin killing season continues until early March. Keep the pressure on! Sharing updates and footage, tweeting, contacting media. Let’s end the slaughter!
January 22, 2014 6:50am

[The following images may be enlarged by clicking on them. – Bryan] 

SSCS Cove Guardian Leader Melissa Sehgal interviews for Reuters.

Killers enter the cove just after sunrise.

Cove Guardians Jac and Ian document the slaughter.

A remaining pod of aprroximately 130-140 dolphins were left to witness their family slaughtered. — at Taiji Japan.

The Bottlenose pod was so exhausted that they did not put up much of a fight while being herded toward the tarps. — at Taiji Japan.

One lone dolphin was seen swimming on the outside of the net. This dolphin continued to linger with family that was trapped in the killing cove. One dolphin died after attempting to make it to the other side, but only becoming entrapped within the nets. — at Taiji Japan.

40 dolphins were callously murdered toaday in the cove. One dolphin drowned within nets while trying to escape. A total body count of 41 dolphins. — at Taiji Japan.

Looking into the eyes of death. — at Taiji Japan.

A Bottlenose dolphin was seen floating on back before slaughter. — at Taiji Japan.

The dolphin killers are notorious for running over the pod with skiffs and many dolphins suffer multiple injuries from propellers. — at Taiji Japan.

Dolphins were too weak to fight back. — at Taiji Japan.

Cove Guardians bear witness to 40 dolphins being slaughtered. — at Taiji Japan.

One dolphin’s last attempt to escape death. — at Taiji Japan.

Dead Bottlenose dolphins float to surface during transfer. — at Taiji Japan.

Dead dolphins lay in bloody water of cove. — at Taiji Japan.

Killers hiding their culture and tradition. — at Taiji Japan.

Dolphin drive out to sea. — at Taiji Japan.

Dolphins were seen jumping as they were being driven back out to sea. Killers used banger poles to drive pod out. It is the same cruel process used — at Taiji Japan.

A juvenile Bottlenose barely surfaces during drive out. The chances of survival are slim after 5 tormenting days in the cove. — at Taiji Japan.

Bottlenose dolphin carcasses were dragged out of the killing cove. — at Taiji Japan.

Killing boats drive out remaining dolphins. — at Taiji Japan.

The drive out is just as traumatic as the drive in. Dolphins linger to find family. — at Taiji Japan.

The dolphin killing isn’t over. Clicking your heels and pretending this stuff doesn’t happen (out of sight – out of mind) doesn’t, and will never, prevent this sort of thing. The only two things I see that can stop behavior like this is a) awareness, and b) letting your money do the talking.
How you can help:

→STOP BUYING JAPANESE PRODUCTS!!! All the silly petitions, phone calls, tweets, et al, in the world does NOT compare to the power of money. If enough people simply began to use their money diligently by not buying anything associated with the nation of Japan this would end. Simply put, money talks.
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