Homeland: if home is a land of bad TV

This is what an episode of Homeland will make you feel like…

Three seasons and thirty-six episodes of this show (yeah that is 36 hours of Homeland)… and after the writers couldn’t find their ass from their head beginning midway through season one… so they take us to silly new heights of far-fetched plots – they are shockingly renewed for a fourth season. This show, as horrible and annoying as it is, is like an insect bite or bad habit; you know it isn’t good for you but you can’t help yourself but watch the mediocre hyped show. This show is clearly designed for the Kool-Aid drinkers out there that buy a “war on terror” and that Iran is the great boogie man.

Just like food that contains E. coli, Homeland is something that needs to be experienced to know just how bad it is.

If there is one thing that has become overly apparent to me over these past few years, it is that not all cable shows are created equal. Matter of fact, some like Homeland, are more on par with the silly cheese being aired on network TV. Homeland is one step up from All My Children in the acting and writing department. Actually, with all the goofy twists maybe they hired some soap opera writers. How Boardwalk Empire and Homeland share the same platform is beyond me.

I wish I could forget…

[I realize this is more of a rant… it was written while under the effects of the show. I will attempt to clarify things over time. In the meantime, why not watch an episode from season 2 or 3 and send me an email?]

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