Travelers urged to heed global terror alert

Whoever created the color-coded terror alert scheme is a moron for at least two reasons. The first is it is just plain stupid. The second is why isn’t the color blue at the bottom???

Carla Wade
August 5, 2013

DFW AIRPORT — You had to read the fine print to know that anything out of the ordinary is going on in the world of travel this weekend.

Only a sign posted next to the TSA security line at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport mentioned that a worldwide global travel alert was in effect for Americans as a result of an increased terror threat.

“Yeah, I heard a little bit about it before I left, but I wasn’t aware that it was that concerning,” said Tracey Brown.

The U.S. Department of State issued a global travel alert on Friday.

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Let’s take a look behind the curtain here. They always bring up that same old boogieman, al Qaeda. Thirty years ago, plus/minus a few, the CIA created them to fight and antagonize the Soviet presence in Afghanistan. As all fairy tales go, they have come and gone as friends and foes, but over the past fifteen years they are utilized as a tool to overthrow target governments and shore up control over citizens through fear tactics. We help them, we fight them, we help, and we fight. Problem, reaction, solution. While our government, and the corporations behind it, continue to aid al Qaeda forces in places like Syria they tell their citizens to be wary of a looming threat by the same monster it feeds. 
Meanwhile, we have guys that go to work M-F in Nevada that fly drones into nations like Pakistan; on some of those shifts they make mistakes or inflict massive collateral damage (ever see how bad the cameras are they use to make life-and-death decisions?!?) – thus fanning the flames of hatred. We have economic hitmen, primarily working for the private sector which controls the public sector; these men go into nations to strike deals with corrupt and, sometimes, simply financially struggling regimes and nations, in an effort to get them to sign away their ownership of their own natural resources – in return those in power are rewarded with riches while the rest of the nation is polluted and no trickle down effect reaches those in need – when negotiations fail the diplomatic, and if need be, military, hammer comes down (Panama, Venezuela, Iran, …) – thus fanning anti-American sentiment and hatred. All of this, all of the covert and overt actions by our governments and corporations, and all of the fallout, all of it is completely filtered and exposure to this is tightly controlled by the media. If you control the stream of information you control perception. Once you control perception you essentially can control that individual’s beliefs.
[Let’s not forget to mention that they (the politicians) now want to control our internet access, which is the ONE AND ONLY means we have to gather information from any source and arrive at OUR OWN CONCLUSIONS. Let’s also not forget they’d like a “kill switch” for this same access.]
But let us not look inward… ever. Therefore, let us never progress.

Oh my. You better be scared. Better give up some of your freedumb and rights to make sure you’re safe.
Update (8/6/13): I just heard on the radio that they got several alleged al Qaeda members via drone strikes. If we are killing people now, remotely, that are alleged to be criminals, you better pray you never wind up in that kind of court of law. What a fucking disgrace.

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