The Human Race Must Change

I want to show you something. I want to show you two different examples of human behavior towards other animals. Watch these and then think for a minute which one is more ethical and just.

A guy finds a coyote caught and tangled in barbed wire. Take a look at what he does…
Now take a look at this other example:
Which, in your opinion, is more congruent, harmonious with life, and would universally be defined as good? Which represents the actions of a conscious human being?

I would bet that not a single person would say the second video.

As for hunters, they are the epitome of a self-entitled and greed-based mindset. They are, by and large, the poor inbred counterpart to the greedy assholes in firms like Goldman Sachs. These people think they are special – they think they are better than you and I. What’s worse, they think they are a part of the natural ecosystem. Forget the fact that 10,153,000,000 animals were used as food in the United States in 2010 alone (the number climbs each year); these assholes have to kill wild animals for their fur, to “protect” the big game that they like to shoot… or they just kill for fun. 
There is no better gauge to judge a society by than how they treat animals. And let me tell you, from how we treat them we aren’t faring to well. Change is in motion but it is slow. I am sick and tired of people I know, and don’t know, that perpetuates the slowing of this change by their chosen method of burying their heads in the sand.
Consciousness is evolution. I’ve heard time and again via words from spiritual teachers that this planet is a place for lessons to be learned, and that this planet contains some of, what would be considered, the most evil beings and some of the most benevolent. The worst examples within the human species will die off and their ideologies will become antiquated and remembered only for their closed-mindedness and barbaric acts… if we can make it long enough without inflicting irreparable damage.


Update (8/5/13): I just watched this video of a group of people coming up on a humpback whale tangled in a net. Again, this shows the good (freeing and care of another being) and the bad (the nets carelessly left to inflict damage) impact of human beings.

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