STOP cruel animal baiting!

[More reason why I am disgusted to be human…]

According to animal rights activists in Russia Baiting stations which are  euphemisticly called Test and Training stations (TTS) are springing and flourishing in Russia. However, unlike in most Western countries, in Russia the law does not limit their activities. 

Supporters of live baiting often form closed communities.  The ads emphasize: only for club members. Perhaps, because they understand that most people would not approve of such monstrosity.

Please sign the petition here.

And Pakistan has just made my long shit list of groups of people that let bad shit happen: apparently they find it fun to torture bears as if it was the year 1000AD. That’s their sport. I guess you could say it is also some people’s sport to fly drones and blow shit up. I’m not saying it’s right. I’m just saying we all reap what we sow and I don’t make a distinction between one life or species versus the other. Personally, I’d like this planet a whole lot more if the lot of you were launched into space with limited oxygen. 

You know, if humans really do have to consume and destroy anything and everything on this planet, and in the end the only thing that is left is the shitheads that perpetuate that destruction and these people’s principles, I’d rather go as well.


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