Obama and EPA want more Glophosate on your plate

Monsanto once made a chemical that became known as Agent Orange. They said it was safe, only to later hire Mitt Romney to repair their rightfully damaged reputation.

Now, the company that makes agricultural poison (and engineered resistant seed) which has been banned in places throughout the EU, and their friends Barack Obama and the EPA, FDA, et al, want to allow you to consume more of their Glyphosate poison (AKA Roundup). Obama not only signed what we know as the “Monsanto Protection Act”, he is now working towards their interests… not ours or the planets.

Here is a little example of the presence this entity has with its frankenfood within the principal crops of the United States; in 2009, 93% of all soy and 80% of all corn grown were Monsanto patented experiments. They have also been pushing to add their chemical sweetener, Aspartame, to your kids milk [really, that same milk already is full of their engineered growth hormones and antibiotics – yum].

Monsanto is everything we don’t need in, what should be, a natural world where our food comes from.

This is the change you can believe in. It’s the continued change to meet the third world in the middle. The continued change of growing corporate power, and lessening of the private citizens. The continued change of covert eugenics imposed on a willful and eager populace.

Tell President Obama and the EPA that Americans deserve less chemicals on their food not more! Reject the increase in chemical residues allowed on your food. Every voice counts!


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