Obama to send more weapons to terrorists in Syria

Chelsea J. Carter
June 14, 2013 

[Try saying it like it is there Chelsea… Obama is sending the arms. – Bryan]

The United States plans to send small arms, ammunition and potentially anti-tank weapons to Syria‘s rebels, two officials familiar with the matter told CNN on Friday.

President Barack Obama‘s administration has declined to provide details about increased military assistance for the rebels following its announcement Thursday that Syria crossed a “red line” with its use of chemical weapons. [Declined to provide details??? Oh yeah, he doesn’t represent American citizens – he answers to nobody except those at the head of the cabal he represents. And, there is no details to provide because there is an agenda at play here, and Assad ain’t part of it. This man, in all seriousness, is a fucking liar and the people that buy this hook, line, and sinker, are idiots. He’s been funneling weapons to those terrorists for fucking months. He should be impeached along with all his cronies in cabinet positions, tried for treason, and if found guilty they should all be put into pillories on public display. – Bryan]
Read more… [Warning: some left-slanted, world is black & white bullshit ahead]

Like I said, American’s never learn. Obama is, again, aiding al qaeda. Don’t you just love it how foreign fighters funneling into a sovereign nation to overthrow its government are spun as “rebels” or freedumb fighters? But hey, if Obama, Clinton, CNN, Fox News, et al says something it must be true right?

By the way… Can you believe it snowed in Los Angeles today? Oh well… if it came from Barrys’s mouth or through your TV you’d have believed it.

Obama needs to be impeached.  Like yesterday. Barry Soetoro is waging jihad from DC.
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