China Destroys US GMO Corn Shipments – What does that say about us?

We Americans like to think we are God’s gift to the planet (what we provide to the planet outside of bad music, DU, and GMO food I haven’t a clue). We like to pride ourselves that we are this beacon of freedom and liberty to the world while our own government and corporations collude against us (PRISM). We never quite learn our lesson… lied into wars, citizens bailing out corporations and paying for CEO bonuses, allowing our rights and Constitution to be continually eroded from one administration into the next, and more… yet for some reason we have become a bunch of limp pansies that can hold nobody accountable for anything. Nor do we ever demand it. Any one event can only hold the average American’s attention for the length of the average nightly news piece.

And here, I find an article, which states China has destroyed US GMO corn shipments. While American citizens are more concerned about stupid trivial things, such as what happened on last night’s “Game of Thrones” TV show,  and can’t be bothered with their own health and diet, let alone everything else that has mattered for the last eighteen years, and we allow the front, also-known-as the FDA, to be in bed with biotech and big pharma, what does it say about us when even CHINA doesn’t want GMO food?!?!? Well, it sure speaks volumes to me when a nation like China refuses to allow shipments of the crap while Americans could care less the ingredients they and their families consume. It’s pathetic really.

Honestly, I really don’t know why I even bother to get heated about things like this. As George Carlin said:

“It’s called the American dream, ’cause you have to be asleep to believe it.”

Yeah, but Carlin misses one crucial thing, and it’s huge; they own it all because we, or the previous few generations, gave it to them. Occupy is a joke – an occupation doesn’t leave to go home… it’s the same sham that the silly 1960’s revolution was (many of those people that supposedly [or wanted to believe they] “changed the world” in the 60’s now hold positions at Google, Microsoft, Monsanto, Goldman Sachs, et al) – the baby boomers changed the world alright… they made it worse. We are equal parts victimizers and victims – by our own hands – but I will never feel bad for the moron that slams his head into the wall and then screams in pain, only to do it again.

The fault lies with you and me. Enjoy what you continue to sow.

**June 15, 2013: In another example that illustrates just how stupid my country and my fellow Americans have become by focusing on more trivial angles of things, you can take a look at the debacle surrounding the Xbox One. Everyone, well, at least those that like Xbox games at least, are winding up with their panties in a bunch over the direction of the console. See, either the vast majority of these morons have no idea what takes places in the world outside their basement and head or they just simply don’t care… in other words things that really matter – not one is saying to not give Microsoft money for their part in the NSA’s PRISM which violated our rights… and just like the GMO issue, this is just one more that shows you just how close to hopeless things are.

I’m harsh and critical because I, for some reason, care. I see possibility and potential that is continually dismissed or outright squandered.

What will it take for you to care??? What will it take for us to hold people accountable??? In other words; just how fucking bad does it have to get before you realize you should have paid some attention to matters that needed and warranted it?

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