"Game of Thrones" Becomes Game of Woes

I guess I will begin by saying the honeymoon phase between me and this show is over. Last season moved slower than I liked… but this last season, the one that ended last night, my hair grows faster than the plot moves.

Let us recap what happened; a man had his penis cut off, the Kingslayer made it back to enjoy some incest minus one hand, and the Starks were nearly wiped out completely. That sounds like quite a bit right? Well, in say, roughly ten hours those events are but a fraction of an otherwise slow, plodding pace mostly comprised of [insert name] goes from point A to point B.

I never read the books but I have read plenty of books to know that many people skip over the endless descriptive drivel that often accompanies works of fiction – and this season has included much of that, which I can only assume was their plan as they are splitting the book between season 3 and 4. It turns out that they really are probably not splitting seasons due to so much content, that in fact they are splitting it to ride on their fanfare and hype as they are quickly catching up to the creator, George R.R. Martin. It is absolutely no wonder then, why they take the twist in The Red Wedding episode, an event which lasts short of nine minutes, and blow so much hype into it you have morons everywhere putting up their horror and shock on YouTube (where are these asshats when it comes to real life concerns???).

This woman’s character thoroughly irritated me. I waited three seasons to see this.

Further detracting from the future possibility of me giving a shit what-so-ever about this show is the fact that they are considering doing prequels to allow Martin to complete more material.

In sum, “Game of Thrones” was a good idea HBO sought to make a cash cow out of before there was enough content in existence to go the distance. To me that’s just dumb.

When some of the most epic films on the big screen don’t even make a 9/10 on IMDB it really says something when this failure to live to the bar it initially set is still rated above 9/10!!! I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS. Wait; people that love this show also love “True Blood”, “Ghost Whisperer”, and “Joan of Arcadia”… that explains a lot to me.

“Winter is coming…”
“Winter is coming….”
“Winter is coming…..”
“Winter is coming… …”
“Winter… is… um, coming… … …”

How long does it fucking take for winter to finally hit??? Oh wait. I always thought winter had to do with the “white walkers”… but this season they are spinning it “winter has come for the Starks”. Maybe I will never know… Maybe I don’t even care.

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