John McCain’s Television Consumer Freedom Act

So, I got an email from pretty much championing Mr. McCain’s little Television Consumer Freedumb Act. I haven’t given a shit about this man John McCain in quite a while… he’s just another worthless career politician roach infesting office. But when reading the email sent me I was reminded how movements are circumvented and/or pacified… as I said they were heralding McCain’s bill.

Here’s what they had to say:

Thankfully Sen. John McCain has introduced the Television Consumer Freedom Act,1 a bill that would allow us to pay for cable channels individually, giving us more control over what we choose to buy and watch.

Forced bundling is a symptom of our dysfunctional, competition-free cable system in which content providers (ESPN, Fox News, HBO) collude with cable companies (Comcast, Time Warner Cable) to push us into paying for hundreds of channels we don’t want — and to keep our cable and broadband bills climbing higher and higher.

Sen. McCain’s bill wouldn’t outlaw bundling. But it would provide incentives for cable companies to offer an “a la carte” option in which consumers would pay only for the channels they want.

I sent them an email asking them the following:

Why are you not crusading against the cable rackets control of markets and stifling of competition in what is supposed to be a “free market”??? Sorry, but giving cable companies “incentives” is ridiculous… and so is Mr. John McCain. 

Stupid me… here all along, I thought those selling products were the ones to provide incentives to their prospective clients, not the other way around. I, of course, received nothing but silence in return.

Americans need to wake up to two facts:

  1. You do not live in a true democracy.
  2. There is no such thing as free markets… the American economy is not based on capitalism – it is now a degree of fascism, where corporations are the power behind government and are accountable to no one.

How is it that we allow these corporations such as Cox, Time Warner, Comcast, and others, to draw up agreements to control the markets in certain areas while stifling and controlling competition??? Does one require anything more to come to the realization that the FCC is a sham?

It pisses me off to no end to know that Cox Communications can provide me with the worst service I have ever experienced, and yet, I have no other choices.

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