Irish pro-life activists threaten murder of politician Regina Doherty

Irish “pro-lifers” have threatened the life of Regina Doherty. Right or wrong, how can one be pro-life and threaten murder? Aside from that, by the following quotes, directly from Doherty, these individuals don’t seem quite right in the head;

“I have a number of people at the moment who are going to burn my house down with my children in it, they are going to spit at me when I walk inside my church grounds at Sunday morning at Mass.”

“I received an email which I’m sure we all did last week where I’m going to have my throat cut from my neck to my naval and my entrails are going to spill out. There are some very strange people in this country who call themselves Christians.”

While people need to start minding their own god damned business across the board in this world, maybe people should also start wearing condoms? Far be it for me to tell a woman, or a couple for that matter, what they should do; it’s none of my business and it doesn’t concern me whatsoever…

Read the Irish Examiner’s piece here.

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