Spanish Minister of Economy will attend Bilderberg 2013

Hey Luis, do the next generation of your nation a favor and turn that finger into a barrel.

While millions in Spain struggle financially and unemployment numbers have surpassed 26% (over 12 million unemployed), Luis here has decided to attend Bilderberg 2013 to serve globalism rather than his countrymen. Will the Spanish people, like us Americans, allow their politicians to collude behind closed doors with international bankers, the corporate “too-big-to-fail” players [too-big-to-fail is the most clever, to date, transfer of wealth scheme devised], and foreign politicians???
Luis came to “serve” the Spanish people from a post in Lehman Brothers.
You know the saying, fool me once, shame on you… … and so on. We, the people, have been fooled so many times because we collectively want to be fooled, that we only have ourselves to blame.
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