Boston Cheers For Martial Law

These people cheered that they were under forced lock down, or martial law, their homes invaded, their Constitutional rights violated, and for some, weapons aimed at them. All this happened miles from Concord where the first shots of the American Revolutionary War rang out (the shot heard ’round the world)… How far have we fallen over the last 50+ years?

After all the effort and violations of freedoms and rights, all over one nineteen year old, they still could not get their man (or boy). BPD and all the others involved FAILED. They failed at the marathon where they were in number and where drills were being conducted and they failed after using martial law in Watertown. Remember, it was not the Boston Police Department that found the lone, bleeding 19-year-old… it was a man that went out for a quick cigarette. What does that tell you??? They had it all figured out during the whole debacle; they stated it was the two brothers… does your town go into martial law for a drive-by shooting or other gang-related violence? No. This whole thing was a joke and seeing these people cheer makes me sick to my stomach. And why is it that the media refuses to use the term martial law???

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.  – Benjamin Franklin (who was BORN IN BOSTON!)

Here’s some sights and sounds from martial law on U.S. soil:

The song on this could not be a better representation at the failure of this endeavor.

This whole operation was a fucking absurdity; how many angles could these jackboots have been attacked from? Their guns were aimed at what was directly in front of them.

I wonder if that guy really thought the 19-year-old kid was going to be hiding in that trash can…

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