Godlike Productions: The Real Lunatic Fringe

I would visit there now and then for entertainment purposes. So today I see a huge thread attacking Alex Jones due to mainstream media stating there is a connection between Alex Jones and the Boston bombers (reading the comments at GLP and Huff Post made me nauseated)… get this, because one of the brothers listened to him. They went on stating Alex Jones is a shill as he ignores the “Jewish” problem and Zionism while making his films available for people to purchase (they failed to mention that Alex encourages people to copy and distribute his films and share login information to his premium content).

Alex Jones

I am not left and I am not right. I do not worship Alex Jones but I appreciate him. At times I strongly disagree with how he handles things and believe he has made mistakes (who hasn’t?). I do believe that Alex is legit, but you never know… my girlfriend could also be sleeping with a Newport Beach doctor, but I think she is legit. I also do not fault Alex for attempting to recoup expenses and make a living… and I know that running a brand/show/staff/studio is not free.

Godlike Productions

I don’t believe in extravagant cloak and dagger bullshit to the degree those at Godlike Productions love to entertain (they are akin in forum form to the typical Coast to Coast AM caller on open lines). I do believe GLP is full of bias on all sides and also full of shills on all sides… including the moderators there. I do believe GLP allow mudslinging if the mods imaginations agree with it; yet if you throw a rock at their glass house they will ban you. Thus, GLP will ban anyone operating on a basis of logic and common sense. GLP censors the content on their forums… no you can swear all you want, but the name Alex Jones is banned as is his websites.


I detest bullshit from anywhere and from any direction. So, I said a few things in this thread that must have hurt one of the shill moderator’s feelings. Here is a screen:

They banned me… I guess for not toting the lame GLP conspiracist line:

Ooohhh…. look at that (square around it). You can give these fuckers some money to not be censored…


Glodlike Productions is run by biased and reactionary mods. Godlike Productions operates as if their forums were 1984 taking place in Neverland. If you challenge them, make them look stupid, or deviate from the flock of sheep that typically eats at their trough, you will be banned.

If you love flexing your muscle to enforce your bias, becoming a GLP moderator may be for you. If you are a shill, paid or otherwise, GLP may be for you. If you like the sensational and playing “what-if?”, GLP may be for you.

GLP is not for me. I would like to thank the mod for censoring me as they removed one thing from my life that would have brought me more frustration. Thank you.

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