Miller: Tsarnaev Brothers Killed MIT Officer Because They Needed A Gun

April 23, 2013

“The original question is they walked up to that car and appeared they shot the officer in the head unprovoked, that it was an assassination. But why? How did that fit into their plan? The operating theory now in the investigation is they were short one gun. The older brother had a gun. They wanted to get a gun for the younger brother and the fastest and most efficient way they could think of doing it was a surprise attack on a cop, to take his weapon and go. Officer Collier had a locking holster, it’s like a three-way lock. If you don’t know how to remove the gun, you’re not going to get it out. There was apparently an attempt to yank it and they couldn’t get it and left. “

Read entire article…

When I thought this mess couldn’t have any other form of bizarre to offer I read this. And, by all accounts by those that knew them, these two guys weren’t mentally inept. If you don’t find reason to see this as odd I won’t hold your hand and spell it out for you.
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