99.5% of illegal aliens get approval for legal status

Stephen Dinan
The Washington Times
April 22, 2013

The administration has approved 99.5 percent of applications of those who have applied for legal status under President Obama’s nondeportation policy for young adults, granting legal status to more than 250,000 formerly illegal immigrants.

Officials said they expect the approval rate to drop as more cases make their way through the system, as it takes longer to deny an application than to approve it. Indeed, the approval rate already has dropped from 99.8 percent just a month ago.

But the high rate leaves others wondering whether the administration is doing all it can to weed out fraud or potentially dangerous illegal immigrants in DACA, or the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, as it’s formally known.

Being stuck on one convenient page of history doesn’t mean you grasp it. These people are arrogantly attempting to claim the historic territory of nations such as the Pueblos, Zunis, Dinay, Apache, and more in the SW. This land in question was forcibly taken away from these nations by the colonial powers, initially Spain, then Mexico (which was also at one time under the control of France). Using this same mindset one can argue that these people belong neither here nor there; they are neither indigenous of Mexico or of Europe.

Screw giving money to Meals on Wheels to help our elders… we got some foreign student tuition bills to pay. Thanks Dream Act!

Hey, I have a question. How do you fix a failing country like the United States? How do you fix a country that no longer has any industry outside of smoke and mirrors or security guard jobs? How do you fix a country that has absolutely no control over its own currency (which is controlled by a private organization)? How do you fix an economy (a plantation economy) that has never recovered and one in which a large number of American citizens are out of a job? Oh yeah, Obama (and Bush before him) have turned the economy around; Walmart and other low-paying, Chinese-made product slingers are hiring – good luck providing for your family on that. How do you deal with a financially taxed infrastructure, from public schools, to medical care and social welfare, to maintaining physical infrastructure such as roads and bridges? Well, you essentially naturalize illegal aliens; pushing ever closer to the erosion of American sovereignty and the stated goal of globalists such as Henry Kissinger and his handlers and placing more wood on the fire that is burning up the American middle and working classes.  

The real irony, and real genius (strategy?) utilized by globalists is they have us, American citizens, hooked on what is killing us; we are hooked on the products of industry which we do not own, we are hooked on GMO and instant gratification, we are hooked on keeping ourselves distracted (TV and sports), and we are hooked on pharmaceuticals (one facet feeds the other here as well, such as drug commercials on television). 

And, just like American business’ offshoring their operations, and taking away employment from their fellow citizens and neighbors (the name of the greed game is look out for #1), without thought how their actions will effect where they, and their kids, live, so too are individuals failing to see the bigger picture and the consequences of any form of amnesty or policy to that end.

[And to illustrate how ridiculous this all is even Big Bro… I mean Big Sis, Janet Napolitano, is pushing for this! ]

And, I am sure everyone knows an Obama cheerleader, or a “liberal” cheerleader to whom the world is very black and white… Here is the funny thing about every single individual I know that has a pro-amnesty mindset – not one of them wants to live in the barrio here in Santa Ana or south-side Whittier, California (I grew up here amongst the offspring of these people). So these people don’t feel the effects of having shopping carts and trash in their front yard (happened to me daily), their garage door getting tagged (happened to me), their car getting broken into (they tried breaking into my car but couldn’t figure it out), kids sharing books and sitting on the floor in public schools as there wasn’t enough books, or even chairs, to go around (happened to me), or getting robbed (happened to me). 

If you want to get a clear before and after picture one can study the case of the city of Whittier, CA. Once the city had business and many car dealerships, yet now it has $.99 and liquor stores… a lot of vacant lots due to businesses leaving. You can bury your head in the sand and click your heels all you want but this is a fact. Another fact is that for globalism to work, nations in the first-world, such as the U.S., will have to be brought down to meet the third-world in the middle (goodbye middle class).

The last thing I will say is this: why do people run instead of effecting change where corruption lurks? I will tell you this now; a good portion of the individuals that flee to the U.S. from the south are seeking an easier way to make it through life – they choose to not confront the issues facing their nation and instead run in the other direction. What would the world be like if everyone did this? Take for example Nazi Germany’s push throughout Europe; what if everyone just ran away? In the end there would be nowhere left to run to.


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