Janet Napolitano deflects questions regarding Boston bombing and the deportation of Saudi national

Janet Napolitano (Der Homeland Security), in all her estrogen-deficient, masculine glory, dismisses inquiry regarding the hurried deportation of a Saudi national that is a person of interest in the Boston marathon bombing.

Seriously, what’s to hide? Why the rush? I feel a little deja vu about yet another hurried Saudi exit after yet another event that includes explosives.

If you buy this official story hook, line, and stinker, you need to go and check your head. While I am not suggesting this was a completely staged event, I am saying that there is too many angles and questions that are going unaddressed.

I see something, but I don’t know what to say.

This douche of a woman (I use that term very loosely) has the same air as those bankers that refused to divulge to the U.S. Congress where tax payer bail-out money went. The U.S. Congress has been castrated. What’s worse is that “our” Representatives have allowed this. This moron answers to US… therefore when a member of the U.S. Congress asks her a fucking question she should provide an answer. Period. The end. Der Homeland Security is not above the law of the land and needs to be on a leash.

Nobody can say for certain how deep this rabbit hole is, but I can guarantee you there is a hole.

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