Craft International at Boston Marathon?

This shot was taken five minutes after the second blast.

Begin @ 10:39 (or watch the whole thing)

If so, why is mercs with government ties all over the place (… and walking with an air of authority)? Also, remember, Chris Kyle (creator and head of Craft and proud of killing 160-250 human beings) was murdered not even three months ago (Feb 2,2013) in Texas… which means his organization is under new influence and leadership.

Someone has their ear…

“No follow-up story (anywhere) saying why the Craft Int’l paramilitary types were there, or on whose behalf, or on whose authority (you honestly think 2 or 3 “ordinary” average citizens wandering around (in a sealed and monitored area…the marathon route), wearing cammies, and coordinated as a group, would simply be left alone by local police? Without being stopped and questioned, not even once? But we are to believe that the Craft Int’l guys – – visibly and obviously paramilitary types – – walked around freely in and out of the marathon route, and not one question was asked of them. – Anonymous (comments section)

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