Family Guy & the Boston Marathon

The Family Guy character ran people over at the marathon… the show did not predict a bombing; it did however have to do with terrorism and bombs and did portray the lead character killing people at the Boston Marathon.  Further, don’t you think you’d scratch your head if 3-4 weeks before 9/11 the Simpsons had an episode where Homer rampaged, killing people in a NYC high rise and also had a plot of terrorism and bombs???  Seriously, I am not someone led by his imagination… but I can’t help but think of the insane odds regarding pure coincidence.

 Yes, they use the name Boston Marathon.

Same episode deals with bombs and terrorism…
And now MacFartlane and Fox are in damage control mode; MacFarlane saying this “hoax” is “abhorrent” and Fox pulling it everywhere it can… some claim it is vanishing off of DVR’s.  I have a copy of the show right here (and wow, this show is pure shit – how people watch it I have no idea) – it’s out there… the air date was March 17, 2013.  What are the odds or this being simple irony???  I’ll tell you what; their calling it a hoax (which is an obvious lie) is purely strange.
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