Bomb drills coincided with Boston Marathon bombing…

Just wondering… thinking out loud here…

But how does this…

… happen when there is such a heavy presence of law enforcement, including bomb spotters on rooftops, bomb-snifing dogs at both start and finish lines; a presence so strong they were telling people “don’t worry, this is just a training exercise”… as you will see below:

Kind of similar to the 7/7 bombings.  What’s that saying?  If it walks and quacks like a duck..?

Further, it seems the “authorities” apparently told people to remain calm before bombs actually went off, which they refused to be addressed at the presstitute conference:

Something smells foul.  Either way you cut it you have two possibilities, neither ideal; either BPD are utter failures given the assets they had on-site (drilling for this EXACT scenario) or it was a staged event.

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