Ontario turtle soup on the menu brings $10,000 fine for restaurateur

If you guessed the owner is Chinese… you’re right.

Alex Ballingall
The Star
March 26, 2013

They’re disappearing rapidly from the rivers and lakes where they’ve been able to survive at all. But at one Scarborough restaurant, they were blatantly listed right there on the menu: to delight the palate, soup made from threatened freshwater turtles.

Da Zhao Jian (Chinese), owner of Fortune Seafood Restaurant on Midland Ave., was handed $10,000 in fines on March 21 for making the dwindling turtle dish available at his eatery.

He was charged with possessing and selling the spiny softshell turtle — listed as threatened by the provincial and federal governments — when Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources officials found 31 of the critters packed in a freezer at the Cantonese restaurant during a “routine inspection” of seafood establishments in May 2010.

“The fact that he was brazen enough to put them on the menu … He must have a big ego, or didn’t understand the laws in Ontario,” said species-at-risk biologist Scott Gillingwater.

The restaurant owner was convicted of unlawful possession of the spiny softshell turtles under the Endangered Species Act, and of listing a protected species for sale under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act. Each violation carried a $5,000 fine, according to the ministry.

Asked to comment through an English-speaking employee, the owner declined to say anything about the fine or where he obtained the turtles.

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The douche doesn’t even speak English… or French. If I was Canadian I would send his dumbass back to China. But hey, help push a species a little closer to extinction? $10 grand and we’ll call it even?  Bullshit.
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