Over 13,000 Dead Pigs Found in Chinese River

Ed Flanagan & Danny Zhang
NBC News
March 18, 2013

More than a week since authorities in Shanghai started pulling thousands of dead pigs from one of the city’s major waterways, the Huangpu River, municipal authorities in that city of 23 million are continuing to pull hundreds of carcasses from its waterways each day, bringing the total since last week to over 13,000.

Workers on Sunday pulled nearly 500 pigs from the Huangpu, bringing the total found from that river alone to over 9,500. The Huangpu River supplies over a fifth of Shanghai’s drinking water.

As the pig tally creeps up, Shanghai government officials have been struggling to put a positive spin on the ghoulish images popping up each day from the city’s waterways.

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Oh, of course, this is perfectly normal. 13,000 pigs being found floating dead in a river isn’t atypical at all… didn’t you know, there are major pig farms nearby. Besides, if the Chinese government says the food supply is safe how could you pass up your sweet and sour pig???
Bottom line;13,000 pigs isn’t indicative of anything to be overly concerned about… just as thousands of birds or fish dying in mass was indicative of anything warranting concern or ongoing investigation.
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