Leaked Audio of Bradley Manning’s Statement

The armed individual was a bodyguard… not a terrorist.  Even if the crew weren’t gung-ho about lighting people up, they killed how many fucking people to get one guy with a rifle???  I’ve seen helos shoot hellfire missiles (designed for anti-armor use versus tanks) into buildings with people out front on the sidewalk.  This is the sort of bullshit that needs to end… but instead, we get pushes for drones over our own heads in our own country, with stated rights of lethal force… all potentially flown by similar idiots that don’t really grasp what they are doing (or the beings they are destroying).

The Freedom of the Press Foundation has published the full, previously unreleased audio recording of Private First Class Bradley Manning’s speech to the military court in Ft. Meade about his motivations for leaking over 700,000 government documents to WikiLeaks. In addition, we have published highlights from Manning’s statement to the court.

Listen to or download the statement here…

To me, I respect Manning (and I am a vet).  He acted according to his conscious and what he felt to be right/wrong despite the expectation of him to act like an unemotional machine.  No need to mention the absurdity of using anti-armor attack helos to shoot at people.  Just how many people do you think have died, either collateral damage or by crews making mistakes?  The closer people are to war, the more real it is, the more ugly it is, the better.  Only then will people learn to be repulsed by it.  This was just one example of an ugly truth.  And just listen to those motherfuckers in the helo; do you think you would ever hear a grunt on the ground, that sees the severed limbs, dead women and kids, and death up close laugh and joke about what just went down???  I don’t think so.  Just like that douche bag UK prince, it’s video game-esque to these people… they aren’t down in the shit face to face with any mistakes or the end-results of their actions.
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