On ethnicity

I’m taking an Ethnic Psychology class… or, in other words, a class that focuses on “minorities”.  The text itself is chock full of irrelevant academic drivel, such as this:

Just as poverty severely constricted choices, it severely constricted decision-making.

This quote is by a researcher the book heralds enough to include.  Does not choices deal with decision-making to begin with?  I am so sick and tired of reading bullshit like this, bullshit where some “academic” draws the most obvious and silly conclusions… only to be praised as if they broke some sort of new ground.  I could give so many examples…

Within this text you have references to Latino culture, African-American culture, Asian-American culture… and then you have Whiteness.  Imagine, for a minute, if Latino/Chicano studies was simply called Brownness… or if you had Yellowness for Asians…  If you took the time to read some of this stuff, you will find that what a lot of these morons set out to do has morphed and they have become representative of what they initially set out to “fix”.

And don’t get me started on the ethnicity thing.  These people that claim to desire to be treated as everyone else yet seek preferential treatment and continuously draw lines in the sand celebrating their culture.  I ask myself, “Would you move to another country, keep yourself separate from the culture you voluntarily entered (ie. not assimilate), and then make a fuss?”  No.  I don’t think I’m the end-all-be-all.  When you have college funds and easier scholarships/acceptance for everyone that has a darker shade of white skin… … equality what?

I REALLY want to withdraw from this BS… but I already took one “W” this semester.


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