Skyfall Review: Please… No More James Bond

At first I got excited thinking it would be fifty years until the next movie… then reality sank in.

So, with some down time at work I made the mistake or finally watching “Skyfall”.  What an absolute pile of trash this film is; you have the same bullshit culminating of, apparently, fifty years of these rehashes.  Pretty girls, silly gadgets, sillier villains, stupid plots, and a guy with more sex appeal than Johnny Depp.  This garbage kicks off with something you see often; a few guys playing tag on motorcycles… riding on rooftops.  Trust me, there is ample, more than ample, things placed in this film to where I could not do the “willing suspension of disbelief” thing – and I often can do hobbits, dragons, aliens, and all sorts of other shit – but this was painful.  Javier Bardemcouldn’t even save this film.  On top of the typical, silly, and unimaginative plot, you have the flaccid societal bullshit messages that society’s enemies creep around in the dark (ie. terrorism)… while governments, lately western governments, sponsor terror and aggression.  Thanks, but I don’t need some moron like Neal Purvis or Robert Wade, that sit in their posh environments, to teach me about the real world I live in.

In short, and in summary, this movie fails in every imaginable way.  Granted, some people [most people] like crap… but if you are a little more sophisticated than the average schmuck that eats up everything spit out on the big screen, do yourself a favor and avoid… avoid at all costs unless you have zero options (your wife/girlfriend’s DVR’ed Dr. Oz is an option to this).

And lastly, for the love of all that is [or was once] creative, can we stop making remakes, sequels… AND JAMES BOND MOVIES???

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