Opportunistic Chinese Businessman Sells Canned Air

Chen Guangbiao, a Chinese businessman, with an estimated worth of $700 million, is obviously either is starved for attention or believes selling empty cans will reverse the poor air quality in Beijing.  He states all money gained will go to charity, but we’ve heard similar things before.  Currently, the air in China is worse than it has been since the late 1950’s, and Chinese are apparently buying up masks and the canned air.  The people that are actually paying for soda-sized cans of air – really, how stupid can you be?!?  I haven’t seen anything quite as dumb as a large group of Chinese “drinking” air from aluminum cans in a while… and I see a lot of stupid things in this world.  I think 99.9% of those that call themselves philanthropists are phoney, and I am highly skeptical.  In the end, it doesn’t even matter.

Wont someone please tell the Chinese that if they just eat a tigers penis and make wine from its bones they can breath the dirtiest air of all and be fine???  I know, it sounds like it is ass backwards and archaic caveman medicine, but it can save lives (well, unless you’re one of 2500 tigers).

You know, in the end, people are responsible for what happens to them.  If these people get fleeced, 99% of the time they have allowed themselves to be fleeced… still if what Chen says of his motives is true, these people aren’t going to be helped one bit by inhaling two breaths from an empty aluminum can.  This is kind of like a microcosm of the global warming issue and carbon taxes… money is being made in the name of environmentalism – and the best part is he is selling NOTHING, just empty cans.  

What I am dying to know is this; why is it that human beings are willing to adapt to the most absurd things, be it pollution or a tyrannical government and its policies, versus actually forcing change for the better???

China is the global poster boy illustrating what not to do, in nearly every imaginable manner; industry, environment, animal and human rights… you name it.

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