Violence, Short-sightedness, and Human Nature

You can lie to yourself all you want; even if the federal government completely disarmed American citizens there would still be violence… only the violence would be much more personal and close-quartered.  The reality is that the real problem lies with human nature and with the individual; as I’ve stated before, with American citizens legally possessing well over 300 million firearms if the weapons were the issue we would each know, personally, people who fell victim to them.  Again, the real issue with violence is within us.  We are so much like chimpanzees in regards to violence and tribalism we might as well call ourselves humanzees… and we kid ourselves and believe we just shouldn’t have a particular type of weapon, that the issue is the weapon and not with the individual…

Here are some of today, January 18, 2013’s violent headlines… and NOT A SINGLE ONE PERTAINS TO GUNS.  If you are anti-Second Amendment you might want to also consider banning hammers, knives, razors, fists… and people too (start with yourself, of course).

Robber robs bank at hammer point.

Gun control is a sham… the only thing it will accomplish is to punish law abiding citizens and violate the U.S. Constitution… leaving citizens vulnerable criminals and reliant on government.  There is no such thing as “first responders” – responders must be notified while a fire continues to burns, the injured continue to bleed, and a victim continues being victimized during the time it takes for emergency services to respond.  You are the first response.

Obama is doing exactly what Rahm Emanuel once said – “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”  Kind of like how the government used, and continues to use, 9/11.

So, after years of having gun ownership in your sights, you have the perfect storm.  You pose with children as props as you publicly announce your executive “orders”.

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