Help list the African lion as endangered…

Fat, feeble, sexually insecure good ol’ boys patting themselves on the back after “conquering” a lion… bringing 11 people and guns to a melee fight.  This lion, whose nose is not the slightest bit black, is likely a young male, maybe 2-3 years old.  Even his main hasn’t even matured.

The African lion is headed for extinction. Its wild population has dwindled by almost fifty percent in only the last three decades. Action must be taken now to save this iconic species, so we collaborated with other organizations and submitted a petition to list the African lion as endangered under the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

Even as lion populations plummet, lion trophy imports to the United States are on the rise. An ESA listing would prohibit lion trophy imports to the U.S. unless it serves a conservation purpose, and would raise global awareness about the need to protect lions from this and other threats. We must reverse the decline of the African lion and our petition demonstrates that listing them as endangered under the ESA would help to do just that.


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service just issued a preliminary finding that an endangered listing may be warranted, and the agency has initiated a status review for African lions. During the status review, the agency will consider public comments — please fill out and submit the form letter below to add your name in support of this effort. We’ll deliver the letter to Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, towards the end of the public comment period.

Please sign and share…

This “man” appears to have shot and killed a female.

Here are two proud “tourists” who traveled to Africa to kill something beautiful… maybe because they are so inherently fugly?

More macho morons…

The whole family came out to shoot this young male…

What better way to enhance your relationship with your girl than to go out and put a bullet into a lion?

More pictures of idiots posing with lions they have killed can be seen here.
I despise every single person depicted above.  The only thing these people value is their own sense of self-entitlement.


There is an attempt to protect the African lion as they continue to be hunted for sport.  Usually, and almost always, males are taken, which then has a damaging effect onto its entire pride – they are left vulnerable, and if another male claims the pride an entire generation of cubs is lost.  

The real work will lie in putting the screws to African nations to actually enforce lion protection; God knows what failure tiger protection has seen in places like China, India, and Russia.

Further, for those pansies that like to shoot animals to feel like a man, there is enough human conflict taking place on the planet in that, if they were true men, they’d step up and at least shoot at something that can protect itself by shooting back.

So, please sign the thing.  If their numbers get hit like the tiger there’s little to no chance.

Think about it for a minute; do you really want to live in a world and reality where human beings consume and destroy everything?  Do you want your kids and grandchildren living in a world where the only place to see a lion or tiger is in a history book or zoo?!?  It goes much bigger than just lions and tigers, I am using them here as an example… and we are, definitely, heading in this direction.  

To illustrate the damage we, humans, have done onto lions, take a look at the image below:


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One comment

  1. Anonymous · February 3, 2017

    Hello with respect to the people who killed this mergestic lion.If you are lion kill a wild lion with your bare hands.This is wrong in god eyes bye.

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